The topics of ICSGEA 2022 as following:

Topic A: Intelligent Computing
•    AI Algorithms
•    Data Mining and Machine Learning
•    Artificial Intelligence Tools & Applications
•    Pervasive Computing and Ambient intelligence
•    Natural Language Processing
•    Hybrid Intelligent Systems
•    Neural Networks
•    Knowledge-based Systems
•    Fuzzy Logic
•    Soft Computing Theory and Applications

Topic B: Smart Grid
•    Smart Grid and Smart Energy
•    Smart Grid Architectures and Models
•    Smart Grid Networking and Communications
•    Smart Grid Inspired Data Processing Technologies
•    Smart Grid Inspired Data Communication and Networking Technologies
•    Smart Grid Security and Reliability Management
•    Smart Grid Testing and Assessing Technologies
•    Smart Grid System Management and Adaptation
•    Smart Grid Technologies and Equipment
•    Smart Grid Load and Energy Management

Topic C: Electrical Engineering and New Energy
•    Computer and AI Applications in Power Industry
•    Power Systems Communication
•    Power Electronics and Drive Systems
•    Circuits and Systems
•    High Voltage Technology and Green Power
•    Advanced Energy Technologies
•    Energy Storage, Distributed Generation and Micro Grids
•    Energy Transfer and Interactive Technology
•    Energy-efficient Smart Grid System
•    Intelligent Monitoring and Outage Management

Topic D: Automation
•    Factory Modeling and Automation
•    Human-machine Interfaces
•    Process Control and Automation
•    Online Actions and Technologies
•    Measurement and Diagnosis System
•    Industrial Robot Technology
•    Machine-to-machine Communications
•    Sensor and Actuator Technology
•    Electro-hydraulic Servo System and Computer Control Technology
•    Micro-computer Embedded Control Applications

Topic E: Control Engineering
•    Modeling of Complex Systems;
•    Control Theory and Application
•    Adaptive Control
•    Intelligent and AI Based Control
•    Fuzzy and Neural Systems
•    Estimation and Identification
•    Manufacturing Control and Automation Engineering
•    Process Control & Instrumentation
•    Sensor Networks and Networked Control
•    Robotics